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Leather accessories look elegant not only in premium cars. Many sports car owners decide to add a bit of extravagance by using leather elements such as: upholstery, covers, door panels, headlining and many others. Everything covered with natural leather requires proper care, so it is worth knowing how to care for this unique material. 



Leather upholstery in the car is synonymous with elegance and a timeless look. Several years ago, this material was considered incredibly expensive and not everyone could afford it. The elegant finish of the passenger compartment was available only to people with high cash, which is why in the subconscious of the society there was a belief that leather is associated with luxury. Currently, more and more people can afford to buy a used car with leather upholstery inside. Second-hand cars that are well-kept both inside and out look prestigious with this finish. When choosing a car equipped with leather seats as standard, it is worth paying attention to whether it has ventilation and seat heating, which will make the natural material comfortable all year round. 


Seat covers 

Leather car covers is an interesting alternative to ordinary fabric upholstery. Most car owners can retrofit their vehicles with covers made of this prestigious material at a lower cost. As in the case of upholstery, products made of ecological leather are not difficult to clean and care for. In summer, the comfort of traveling on such a material will not be high as it sticks to the body. The decision to buy covers made of natural raw materials should be well thought out. Despite the fact that real leather is a very demanding product, many people still decide to buy such covers. They are easy to use when it comes to dirt. Most can be removed with a damp microfiber cloth, which is very practical. Leather covers are much more expensive than those made of ordinary material,

Door sides 

Leather car doors are a subtle addition to the whole. In the case of vehicles where most of the elements in the cabin are covered with natural leather, the door panels are the so-called “Must have” among automotive fans. This is especially true for owners of premium and sports cars. Leather details look very nice and add prestige, especially to cars with rich equipment, which are classified as models of the lower segment. The door elements covered with leather in combination with plastic are very practical to use. If the car was not originally equipped with leather side panels, you can try to make them yourself. It is enough to buy a piece of fabric that has previously been upholstered and then attach it to the element with a tacker. 


Steering wheel and gearshift gaiter 

Trimming the steering wheel with leather is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change something inside the vehicle. Many manufacturers of car covers and car mats offer kits with ready-made pieces of leather, a needle and thread that allow you to trim the steering wheel in one free afternoon. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose covers, e.g. made of one or six pieces of leather. Each set includes instructions that help in the first assembly. Changing the stock gear shift to leather is also an interesting way to refresh the interior. Depending on what type of flat is suitable, the price starts from PLN 25. As with the steering wheel cover, most manufacturers include an assembly manual. 



Installing a leather roof lining is quite a difficult task. People who have never had contact with the replacement of upholstery in the car may have a problem with installing a new headliner, especially if the replacement involves the removal of old material. Coating with leather is difficult because the working surface is large and the work requires the help of another person. When removing the old soffit, be careful not to break the support catches. In addition, the roofs, the control panel above the central console, lights and handles should be removed. After disassembling all the elements, the work begins with removing the old material, and the remains of glue are scraped off with a suitable tool. After thorough cleaning, apply a special upholstery glue to the center and start gluing. The new material must adhere exactly to the surface, and any lumps should be removed. A reputable plant performs such services, depending on the size and degree of difficulty, for about PLN 700 – PLN 1500. 


Obszywanie podłokietnika skórą wymaga znacznie więcej czasu niż obszycie koła kierownicy. Najlepszym rozwiązaniem będzie oddanie całego elementu w ręce profesjonalisty, który za taką usługę weźmie około 300 zł – 600 zł z materiałem. Tapicer pod warstwą skóry umieszcza grubą warstwę pianki, która dodatkowo zapewnia komfort, szczególnie podczas długich podróży. 


Jak dbać o skórę w samochodzie? 

Leather is a very durable material that requires proper care. To clean the natural raw material, use preparations and cleaning agents intended for the care of leather upholstery in the car. In order to enjoy a beautiful appearance longer, you should perform the treatments on average once every 3 months. The complete cessation of activities related to the care of the material may result in its destruction, cracking, discoloration and faster color loss. 



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